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Welcome to our website, here is a bit of information/history about our VTC.

Worldwide Trucking Logistics VTC is a Virtual Trucking Company which originated from ETS2 as Euro Truck Radio.

We have developed over the years and changed for the better, such as the release of ATS we rebranded to Truck Sim Radio to accommodate the change, then changed to Simulator Radio VTC then finally Worldwide Trucking Logistics VTC which we are known as today.

We strive to bring a friendly and a open atmosphere to the community with the goal to bring VTCs together to enjoy Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

Our staff have a handful of experience in the community and are here to support our drivers and community.

Our staff are not here to intimidate our members but to have a laugh, manage to ensure we uphold our reputation and furthermore complete the designated roles they have been assigned.

Our community has a range of different characters ranging from sensible and quiet to the loud and questionable sanity as well… We like to think of ourselves as a home open to anyone VTC member or not.


We featured in a PC Gamer article!

Back in June 2016 the radio and VTC got interviewed by PC Gamer James Davenport who wrote a very detailed article which can be found here.


Here are some of our old names we have gone by in the past!
  • EuroTruckRadio VTC (ETRVTC)
  • TruckSimRadio VTC (TSRVTC)
  • The Simulator Radio VTC (TSRVTC)
  • Worldwide Trucking Logistics VTC (WTLVTC)


Drop us a message.

We will try and help you to the best we can.

  • Dedicated Team Member in each area.
  • Private and confidential messages.
  • Open to questions, improvements & constructive criticism.

Our team will try and contact you as fast as possible. Please understand we have jobs, college & etc as well.


The WTLVTC guys are a great bunch of professional and friendly guys. Their events are always outstanding and it's always nice the see their legendary black, white and orange trucks on the road. - MJS BigDave

WTLVTC.... One of the first, one of the biggest, one of the best. WTL, what to say. They've always been a open friendly community supported by a great radiostation. - EHH Gamer5


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  • 83%

    have Euro IV engines or better!
  • 38%

    are ‘ultra-clean’ with gas powered engines!
  • 86%

    of the fleet is made up of Volvo's.
  • 98.9%

    MOT pass rate!
  • 18%

    Specialist Transport Vehicles


  • Steam Workshop

    We have our very own Workshop Collection on Stream where you can find all our workshop mods. If you would like to check it out then click here.

  • Virtual Fleet Systems MP Launcher

    Want to have a customised TMP windows, login screen and font? Also sick of being kicked by the AFK bot on TMP? Then download Virtual Fleet Systems custom launcher made for us with all of the above and more! Click here.