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WTLVTC Is Recruiting

Drivers & Convoy Control!

Join our discord server and contact an examiner in #waiting-room to get your journey started.

Join Today!


We offer many diffrent features here at WTLVTC! We will list a few right here, right now just to show you how incredibly awesome we are at our community!

Convoy Control

We host 2 weekly convoys every Wednesday and Sunday!

Media Team

We have our own professional photographers and film crew!


Appearance is key. We offer a range of custom workshop mods to make you stand out on singleplayer and Multiplayer!

Custom Management Service

We have our very own behind the scene management system to keep the VTC heading in the right direction!


Every member is given the chance to show their ability. We are always recruiting diffrent roles!

And More

Some text on our site can't contain everything that we have to offer you. By joining today we can let you know what we have to offer!


We have achieved many things as a community! We will list a few right here, right now just to show you how incredibly awesome we are at our community!


The great services would not have been remotley possible if it was not for the effort exerted by our amazing and talented team, check them out.

Click Here if you want to see our current Driver list

Crumbs Crumbs Founder

About Me

Founded the VTC back in 2014!!

Senka Senka Wolf Owner

About Me

Running the VTC and making sure all the team know what they are doing... Sometimes..

DannyB DannyB Events Director

About Me

Hey, I'm DannyB And I'm the Events Director for WTLVTC. I Organise our weekly and Company convoys, aswell as organise our Charity Convoys.

I also supervise all Events Team Operations within WTLVTC.

Yam Yam Yam Yam Recruitment Director

About Me

I manage our Examiner Team which ensurse all drivers receive the highest quality of training and the best performance that they can give within the VTC.

I also direct and control all recruitment areas within the VTC that WTL VTC has to offer new and dedicated drivers.

I am a Veteran driver within the VTC that joined 2015, I have made progress from a driver which lead to becoming an examiner and then Test Commissioner. My role was renamed to Recruitment Director in 2018 which gave me more responsibility within the VTC and allows me to help and take the load off other management members.

DubStepMad DubStepMad Technology Officer

About Me

Keeping the website and management system updated as the community developer, fixing mainly what Senka Wolf breaks.